[coreboot] Televideo TC7020

Ryan jesusbassist at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 21:23:08 CEST 2009

I have recently come into possession of a Televideo TC7020 thin client
runnning Windows CE.
I have read as much as I could about altering this to boot to Linux, but
there are a few things that
I am still not certain about.

I got this item from my work (an electronics recycling company) and it has
an administrator password
set on it that prevents me from accessing anything installed on it

Here is what I am planning on doing so far, please let me know if I am way
off base.
1) Build File and Coreboot on another linux machine that uses the same BIOS
2) Use flashrom to hotflash the BIOS chip from the TC7020 in the same linux
3) Put the BIOS chip back in the TC7020 and attempt to make it boot linux
from a laptop HDD.

Any tips/suggestions/constructive criticism would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in Advance
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