[coreboot] coreboot on Asus G1 ... Possible ?

Ivan Barrera A. info at Ivn.cl
Thu Jul 2 22:03:34 CEST 2009

Peter Stuge escribió:
> Ivan Barrera A. wrote:
>>> you need another debug output method..
>> The G1 does not have any serial port :/
>> (and havent find any on the mainboard).
>> I guess the screen output will have problems due to the integrated
>> video rom...
>> Is there any way to initialize video in this cases ?
> I'm afraid video is useless for debugging. It is enabled as the very
> last thing coreboot does. You need to be able to follow every step of
> coreboot as it runs.
> Are there any other usable signals on the board? One bit is enough.

MMMh.... Need to check that.
What kind of signals can be of use ? leds ? or more low-level

> If you have budget for a PromICE it can interpret sequences of reads
> from the (emulated) flash chip as a debug write.

Tried to find pricing on that... havent found one.
Do you happen to know how much it costs ?

> Or if you have VHDL skills and a bit of free time, you can add that
> functionality to the Artec LPC dongle or your favorite FPGA devkit.

Interesting. However, that would require even more time xD
I think i'll try the image you suggested soon, and see what it does.
First i need to install another laptop to be the "programming station"
in case everything goes wrong.

> //Peter

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