[coreboot] Boot from IDE..

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Jul 2 00:28:23 CEST 2009

Hi Rick,

Rick Ant wrote:
> How can I put the Linux kernel in the Compact Flash on IDE?

Putting it there is easy on another system with a CF reader. To boot
it in a system which uses coreboot, you must use a payload which has
drivers for IDE and the filesystem which is used on the CF card.
FILO, Linux and maybe GRUB 2 should be good choices.

> Coreboot is in BIOS chip then calling the Linux Compact Flash on
> IDE,

No! coreboot does not call anything on IDE. coreboot starts the
payload, FILO, and then coreboot is out of the picture. FILO has
drivers for IDE and several filesystems, and can be used to load
the Linux kernel.

> I see it on FILO

What exactly do you see on FILO? Please be careful to include more
detail when you ask for help. It is impossible to help you when you
are so brief.

> but I still don't understand, since the tutorial is for Qemu only..

That does not matter in this case. Qemu also has IDE devices.

If FILO does not detect your CF card, one suggestion you can try is
to build FILO with more debugging. Enable the relevant debug options
for your configuration.

It is also helpful if you send debugging output.

If you do not send that output, you are MUCH less likely to get any
response at all, as you may have noticed, simply because it is
impossible to help you without more information than you provide.



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