[coreboot] #116: dtc-parser.tab.c Fehler 127

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Sat Jan 31 14:27:10 CET 2009

#116: dtc-parser.tab.c Fehler 127
    Reporter:  anonym  |          Type:  defect           
      Status:  new     |      Priority:  major            
   Milestone:          |     Component:  toolchain        
     Version:  v3      |      Keywords:  dtc-parser       
Dependencies:          |   Patchstatus:  there is no patch

Comment(by michael_reichenbach@…):

 I followed the instructions under http://www.coreboot.org/SeaBIOS and did
 run into the same error.

 But I recognized you simply need to install some version of biosn and
 flex, then it will build.

 I think you can close this ticket, simply the instructions in the wiki may
 be finetuned.

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