[coreboot] PIRQ table 690/600

Dan Lykowski engineerguy3737 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 24 00:11:35 CET 2009

I sent this earlier, but for some reason it hasn't posted.. So sorry if its a dup.

Has anyone tested the PIRQ table generator for the dbm690t?

I was running a minimal kernel ACPI off and IO_APIC off, and my interrupts were not being assigned. The kernel found the PIRQ table, but that is all it did.

The PIRQ table being generated by the dbm690t, seems pretty simplistic compared to the table I pulled from my BIOS. The one I pulled from my BIOS is reported as having a CRC error when I try to use it. Something seems fishy.

The mpTable looks very similar to the one I pulled from my BIOS as I expected it would. When my kernel is configured to use the mpTable, I am able to get to a prompt. Interrupts are assigned WAY different when I use the mptable generated from my BIOS, but they still work. I can find no relation between the table and what interrupt is actually assigned.

ACPI seems to assign incorrect interrupts at random. Is it possible to dump an ACPI table and reuse it?

I am able to boot all 3 ways with the original BIOS.

I have attached the mptable.c and irq_tables.c from the SOM-5781 690/600 board I have been working on.

Dan Lykowski

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