[coreboot] Problems about booting windows xp

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Sun Jan 18 23:23:46 CET 2009


>> A:0000bb00 b:0000aa55 c:0000fff6 d:00000080
>> si:00007e00 di:0000800 ds:00000000 es:00000000
>> ip:000006e7 cs:0000000 f:00000246 r:00007bdc
>> I had check there is no NO.bb 

Its trusted platform module API, its ok that it fails.

in BIOS int1A, Did you fixed any
>> configuration about seabios? In coreboot I just changed the
>> /src/arch/i386/boot/tables as what you concerned in your patches.

should be OK. I can give you mine config on Monday if you want.

> Rudolf, is it possible to boot an existing installation or is a new
> installation under coreboot+SeaBIOS required?

Huh dont know. Maybe start with install would be good idea.


1) memory map e820
2) ACPI memory map
3) ACPI PCI0 CRS resource
4) Powernow
5) DSDT in general ;)
6) no idea now


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