[coreboot] FILO and SATA on 690/600

Dan Lykowski engineerguy3737 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 16 20:41:47 CET 2009

Has anyone been able to boot a SATA drive using FILO on a 690/600 platform?
I keep getting IDE timeouts on detection. I originally thought that it might be the SATA flash that I am using, but it does the same thing with a standard HDD.
Both devices are SATA 1.5g drives, so maybe my last patch to fall down to 1.5g is incomplete or broken? I don't have any SATA 2.0 drives around.

I have compared PCI configs between the prop BIOS and CB. From what I can see all of the settings that need to be the same are. 

If someone else could give this a shot it would be appreciated. Any good ideas where to start trying to debug this would be appreciated also. I have already turned on debug messages, but the FILO prompt currently wipes them out before I can grab them so I can't post a log yet.

I have another question dealing with PCI numbering if someone has the time to answer it.
690/600 SATA is Bus 0: Dev 18: Func 0 in the docs. 
How/Why/Where did it get 0:12:0 ? in the OS and in some places in CB(dts)?
Am I mixing two different things up? I would like to know what I am missing.

Dan Lykowski

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