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#120: flashrom failure to read
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Comment(by anonymous):

 Replying to [comment:10 toc@…]:
 > Reverted checkout to r3862, cleared out old patches, applied fail2
 patch, make clean, make, reboot.
 > After reboot, ran flashrom with verbose output.  Segmentation fault.
 Verbose output up to segfault below:

 The 'fail' bug is one step closer to be fixed. Remaining work should be

 Many thanks for all the tests!

 There is nothing more I can do for reading flash chip on your board using
 flashrom. My guess is, even the proprietory BIOS update tool from your
 board vendor will not read the existing content(I might be wrong, though).
 If you do want the flash chip content, you may have to use the "hard" way.
 If the flash chip is socketed, get it off and read with a flash
 programmer; if it is soldered, you may have to use a test clip and an in-
 system-programmer when the circuit of your board is allowed to do so.

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