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#120: flashrom failure to read
   Reporter:  toc@…               |          Owner:  stuge   
       Type:  defect              |         Status:  assigned
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Comment(by fengyuning1984@…):

 Replying to [comment:8 toc@…]:
 > I blew away my svn checkout, reapplied the patches, re-ran collecting
 the verbose output, and re-attached the results.  Must have gotten
 confused during the last attempt.

 With the lock2 patch, flashrom is working in an expected way. It warns for
 a not so good condition and does something according to that. Reading
 still does not work, because:

 1. the vendor BIOS has set up a flash chip instruction list(opmenu) that
 does not contain a read instruction(03h), and

 2. the vendor BIOS has locked down the list to prevent flashrom setting up
 a nicer list containing the read instruction. Once locked, it cannot be
 unlocked unless the machine is reset.

 However, the 'fail' patch does not get a fail output. It would be very
 appreciated if you can help test the 'fail2' patch. The patch should also
 be applied to r3862 alone without other patches. Please also get the
 verbose output. If possible, make the execution of the new built the first
 flashrom execution after a reboot.

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