[coreboot] Problems about booting windows xp

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Fri Jan 16 13:51:58 CET 2009


On 16.01.2009 13:39, Wang, Qingpei wrote:
> 	I tried to boot windows 7(build 7000) from HDD, but I still can
> not boot. Which the screen says:"A disk read error occurred, Press
> Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"
> And the serial debug says:
> Fail handle_1aXX:274
> A:0000bb00 b:0000aa55 c:0000fff6 d:00000080
> si:00007e00 di:0000800 ds:00000000 es:00000000
> ip:000006e7 cs:0000000 f:00000246 r:00007bdc
> I had check there is no NO.bb in BIOS int1A, Did you fixed any
> configuration about seabios? In coreboot I just changed the
> /src/arch/i386/boot/tables as what you concerned in your patches.

Can you try the 64bit version of Windows 7? I think it may have less

> And Windows XP, it still reboot again and again. 

That's bad.

The Windows Vista tests and the Windows 7 tests were done with 64bit
Windows. It could be that 64bit Windows XP works better.

Rudolf, is it possible to boot an existing installation or is a new
installation under coreboot+SeaBIOS required?



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