[coreboot] EHCI debug port finder

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Jan 15 02:32:35 CET 2009

Yul Rottmann wrote:
> I come from [1] and maybe I can contribute a bit. First to the page
> itself: "Finding the USB debug port" links to the script at [2], but
> should actually link to [3] (the updated script). And in "Hardware
> capability" the command 'lspci -vs' does not work here, the
> parameter -s seems unknown.

Run lspci -h and look under "Selection of devices" - it should work.
But the sh fu may be broken by now.

> Nonetheless I think I can contribute that my controller has a Debug
> port. I cannot really verify because I don't have a cable to do so
> nor am I able to run coreboot, but attached is a file that contains
> the output of some commands.

Thanks. I updated the EHCI page with the SB700.

> If I can do furthermore anything for you, feel free to ask.

It's interesting that you have two EHCI devices with a debug port
each. I don't know what coreboot does in this case. Not much to do
since you can't test, but you could look around at the port registers
to see if you can locate if the debug port(s!) actually go(es)
anywhere on the board.


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