[coreboot] #120: flashrom failure to read

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Tue Jan 13 21:02:47 CET 2009

#120: flashrom failure to read
   Reporter:  toc@…              |          Owner:  somebody
       Type:  defect             |         Status:  new     
   Priority:  major              |      Milestone:          
  Component:  flashrom           |        Version:  v2      
   Keywords:                     |   Dependencies:          
Patchstatus:  there is no patch  |  
 Running flashrom -r rom.file results in an output file of all null bytes.
 Standard output:
 Calibrating delay loop... OK.
 No coreboot table found.
 Found chipset "Intel ICH9R", enabling flash write... tried to set 0xdc to
 0x3 on Intel ICH9R failed (WARNING ONLY)
 Found chip "Macronix MX25L8005" (1024 KB) at physical address 0xfff00000.
 Reading flash... done.
 Verbose output indicates failure of opcode 0x03.
 Reading flash... ich_spi_read_page: offset=0, number=256, buf=0xb7cf0008
 Opcode 3 not found.
 run OPCODE 0x03 failed
 Error readingdone.
 Full verbose output attached

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