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I would suggest this part:
They plug right in to the SATA port.
They have a minor quirk where you have to 'force.libata=1:1.5g' to get them to work under Linux but that is the only negative I have run across so far.

Dan Lykowski

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ron minnich wrote:
> I'd like to have the 5 second "boot to X" demo at the table. If
> somebody can help direct me to getting that set up, I'd appreciate
> it.

If you don't want to cram everything into a 16Mbit flash chip, which
could be tight, you need some ATA flash to store apps on.

Since the dbm690 has an LPC PLCC socket you can use the dongle and my
adapter plug though, that way you have 32Mbit which is already more

Maybe the dongle occupied for the ALIX already?


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