[coreboot] SCALE

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 18:05:13 CET 2009

OK, this is the first of several calls for help. I'm time-starved
right now as I have things I have to get working on BG/P, my day job

I'd like to have the 5 second "boot to X" demo at the table. If
somebody can help direct me to getting that set up, I'd appreciate it.
I will probably do this on a dmb690t mobo (marc? What kind of 1M flash
part do I use?). I want to have a "naked mainboard" for the demo.

I'm going to have a v3 demo; artec guys, I think I've asked this but
... what would you like to see.

can someone put this in a nice place on the wiki:

For the talk I'm going to show how to use v2, then v3, then seabios,
then buildrom.

I'm happy to lay out promotional material on the table if you send it
to me in time. We've got 5 weeks left. One thing that comes to mind is
the AMD Embedded initiative with the pointer to the coreboot page.
VIA, do you have any paper for me to hand out?

once again, any of you who want to help are most welcome.



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