[coreboot] Information request

(Eaglesoldier) Duane Simpson eaglesoldier at dishmail.net
Mon Jan 12 02:51:52 CET 2009

    I really am interested in your bios upgrade for linux but am not a 
programmer, only proficient in pasting into terminal and many times 
don't fully understand what is taking place, in other words, a complete 
    For those like me, is there anyone in your database of developers 
that will make a bios for my specific computer? The reason for the 
upgrade is when I first turn it on it gives me the message; the system 
does not meet the cutoff date (year 2000) or something similar and then 
continues with the loading. Although there are no major problems, I have 
minor glitches with mouse functions, and some video doesn't play, 
although I have all the codecs loaded to run them. I would like to know 
if doing a bios upgrade could fix some of these problems, and the main 
reason is to break my dependency on proprietary software. I have an 
older system, purchased in 1998, and my wife's computer was bought in 
1999, I know it's not cutting edge, more like ancient, but I would like 
to keep it running the best I can for as long as possible. It isn't much 
but it works and it's all I have.
    As I said, I don't know alot about my computer, but if I can be told 
where to find the information about the computer motherboard, the bios 
(amibios) don't know any version, so would need to find that, and 
complete information about the best way to make the bios change to best 
serve my system configuration. If I indeed need to build a bios chip for 
my system, is there service to help walk me through the process step by 
step if needed, including how to build and use any tools that are 
required and how to test the finished product. I have looked at some of 
the tutorials and what may be required and can definitely say that what 
would stop me at first is fear of the unknown, as it would entail more 
than I have ever attempted before.
    I realize this is a long email, but it needed to be due to my 
limited experience. I am only hoping that someone with knowledge gained 
will remember how at some point in their learning experience they needed 
personal help of a similar nature.
    I thank you for any help that you may provide, and will wait for 
your reply. Duane L Simpson

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