[coreboot] Question about dual operating systems

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Jan 9 15:19:02 CET 2009

Matt Johnson wrote:
> I was wondering, let's say I install linux using Wubi (so it isn't
> a separate partition)  and want to use coreboot to boot to linux.
> Will cause problems?

coreboot doesn't care, but the bootloader payload has to be able to
access the kernel and root filesystem which are on the Windows

That leaves you fewer choices for the payload but is by no means
impossible. You'll need to use Linux as payload and either have it
kexec the "real" kernel or possibly it can mount the root directly.
In either case you'll need a custom-made initramfs or initrd as
"glue" between the payload kernel and the stuff on the Windows drive.

This is why I think Linux as payload is so awesome; if you can access
a filesystem when Linux is running, you can always boot from that
filesystem because with coreboot you can be using Linux as the

(Of course some small details need to check out; your board has to be
supported by coreboot, and the flash chip has to be big enough to fit
coreboot+Linux. The flash chip can usually be upgraded though.)


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