[coreboot] ACPI patches for Tyan s2895, s2892, s2891

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 22:27:45 CET 2009

> > src/northbridge/amd/amdk8/amdk8_util.asl:
> > 	Put this file here instead of every board having a personal copy.
> >
> I didn't see the deletion of the per-board copies. Did subversion forget
> to include them in the diff?

I meant the copies for the boards I was supporting.  I was figuring another
patch could unify it even more.  I feel like patches that get too large are
harder to review.

> Besides that, moving the related fam10 file as well would be nice. Maybe
> also a splitout of the K8 util ACPI code from the DBM690T and Pistachio
> code, but that seems to be more work.

I agree that needs to be done too.


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