[coreboot] etherboot problem..

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Feb 27 23:27:21 CET 2009

jmcdowell at issisolutions.com wrote:
> Can anyone please shed some light on this issue?

I know nothing specifically about those clusters, except that they
are pretty old by now.

It could be that you're hitting a bug in the old Etherboot which I
assume is in the boot flash, when sending it a newer kernel.

One thing you could try is to take out one node into a lab setting
and send it various other payloads.

Etherboot should indeed be able to boot anything that is usable as
payload with LinuxBIOS/coreboot.

Some suggestions would be FILO, GRUB2, gPXE (yes), and then finally
move on to a new kernel.

The tool to use is still mkelfImage, but note that the perl script
with the confusingly similar name mkelfimage is NOT useful at least
to make a coreboot payload.

The good mkelfImage is available at http://coreboot.org/Mkelfimage

I would send a filo.elf configured to boot a kernel from local
storage to Etherboot. Which needs local storage. But I think it's
a start for debugging the problem further.


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