[coreboot] ACPI patches for Tyan s2895, s2892, s2891

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 23:23:42 CET 2009

These patches let Ubuntu 8.10 boot with ACPI support and no ACPI
table-related warnings.  I haven't done SMM support yet, so that still
complains and disables IRQ 9.

Windows still doesn't like something, but I thought I'd contribute
this code before I started using munged factory tables to see if I can
get it to work that way.  Because resource allocation is totally
different, the tables will need to be munged quite a bit :(


This patch adds common elements for ck804-based boards.

changes by file:
	Be Paranoid and set srat_lapic table to zero before filling it.
	Enable SLIT filling if acpi_create_slit gets called.

	Add high tables code ala Stefan's code for the i945.

	Put this file here instead of every board having a personal copy.

	Enable High Precision Event Timers.
	Add pm_base for ACPI.

	Silence warnings about implicit functions and format strings.

	Add slit prototype and minor whitespace.

	Since fadt is only dependent on the Southbridge, add it here.

	Compile in ck804_fadt.c


changes by file:

	Add options and defaults for ACPI tables and resources.

	Add high_tables resource ala Stefan's code for the Kontron.

	Fill out the ACPI tables, using existing code where possible.
	Only the madt is different between the boards, to be combined later.

	Compile in acpi_tables.c and dsdt.dsl.
	Turn on the parallel port and the real-time-clock.

	The board layout (thanks Rudolf) and interrupts from mptable.c

	Minor formatting changes to make them diff better.

src/superio/smsc/lpc47b397/superio.c: (s2895 only)
	Correct the size of the real-time-clock so it can be where it belongs.

Signed-off-by: Myles Watson <mylesgw at gmail.com>

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