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On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 12:55 PM, n. prince <aprincefromqueens at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Gentlemen,
>                   I like to know if you offer a Bios with Coreboot
> pre-installed?

There are vendors who offer systems with coreboot preinstalled:
I believe Peter Stuge is still offering Gigabyte M57SLI boards with coreboot
preinstalled as well, but you'd have to contact him directly for more info.

> Can Coreboot be configured to boot in 2 sec. vs. 3?

Boot times are dependent on hardware speed and the complexity of their
initialization mechanism.

> Might you support Amd Gigabyte multi-Bios circuitboards, Tyan
> Thunder n3600W motherboards, and Everun notebooks, or circuitboards with
> the Tilera 64 cpu.

You can find a list of currently supported motherboards here:
http://www.coreboot.org/Supported_Motherboards. Boards with Gigabyte's
multi-BIOS system have been ported to in the past, and there's probably info
on the web site on how it works. The Tyan board you've mentioned is not
currently supported, but it's based on a supported chipset, so theoretically
it shouldn't be hard to port. No Everun products are currently supported,
and without public datasheets for the embedded controller, it's very
difficult to support notebooks. The Tilera 64 cpu is not explicitly

 Do you have raid solution capablity with multi-; ssd and pci express cards
> combo capability.

I don't know honestly what's required for RAID from a BIOS point of view,
aside from the raid controller firmware, but I assume there's a payload that
can handle it, probably SeaBIOS. See here for more info on the various
payloads supported by coreboot: http://www.coreboot.org/Payloads

>  Also might you have an AMI Aptio alternative?

I know there was some work a while back to get Tiano working with coreboot,
but I don't know what ever happened with it. Coreboot does work with Open
Firmware or OpenBIOS as a payload.

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