[coreboot] RFC: a "forge" for our various subprojects

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Feb 25 16:28:21 CET 2009

Patrick Georgi wrote:
> The reasons for this experiment are:
>  - lack of acceptance of our trac install

I think the problem is less with Trac and more with anything off
mailing list, but I'm not sure. I am usually the last to advocate
anything on the web, but I do like Trac.

>  - imho better usability than trac

Maybe, but it seems that indefero lacks many of the nice things in
Trac at least for tickets/issues. Noone likes thousand field forms
but I think indefero is too simplistic. :\

>  - a more formalized notion of "projects", with
>    issue tracker, code browser, download area,
>    documentation, developers.

No doubt this is better than Trac. That's an area where Trac really
sucks; it only handles one project. But they are working on it,
although it wasn't done when I last looked half a year ago or so.

>  - out of the box support for svn and git, with
>    hg around the corner and support for multiple
>    SCMs in the design.

A big plus. Trac is getting it too, eventually.

There are some pages in Trac land on both of the above topics. Some
things can be tested already, but they haven't yet gone into a



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