[coreboot] flashrom output

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 22:45:17 CET 2009

I was cross-flashing today and noticed that the output of flashrom looks wrong:

--------------------- SNIP -------------------

myles at s2895:ROMS$ sudo ../flashrom/flashrom -wv s2892.rom
Calibrating delay loop... OK.
Found coreboot table at 0x00000500.
Vendor ID: Tyan, part ID: s2895
Found chipset "NVIDIA CK804", enabling flash write... OK.

Unknown vendor:board from coreboot table or -m option: Tyan:s2895

Found chip "SST SST49LF080A" (1024 KB) at physical address 0xfff00000.
ERROR: Your firmware image (Tyan:s2892) does not appear to
       be correct for the detected mainboard (Tyan:s2895)

Override with --force if you are absolutely sure that you
are using a correct image for this mainboard or override
the detected values with --mainboard <vendor>:<mainboard>.

---------------------- SNIP  ----------------------------

1. The coreboot table should have said s2892, but the Unknown vendor
line says s2895.
2. It would be nice to change "Unknown vendor..." to "No board
override for ..." or something like that.


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