[coreboot] Searching for a Flash Memory dealer for EON EN25F80

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Feb 17 23:35:40 CET 2009

Cedric RIVERA wrote:
> I can't find a dealer for the SPI Flashrom bios chip


1565993 AMIC A25L16PTM-F  16 Mbit
1565997 AMIC A25L80PO-F    8 Mbit

Both are in stock, orderable in single quantity at a very fair price
and Farnell uses UPS for next day delivery.

You can use them instead of the EON chip.

> What do you think about this barebone, it only cost 130 Euros ...
> It could become a very interesting full free software box, doesn'it
> ?

Yep, could be!


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