[coreboot] [PATCH][v2] Unify CAR for K8 and Fam10h CPUs

Patrick Georgi patrick.georgi at coresystems.de
Fri Feb 13 13:02:57 CET 2009


the attached patch changes the ASM part of AMD CAR to do the K8/Fam10h 
decision at runtime, instead of compile time.

Ideally, this is enough to allow a single coreboot image to run on a board 
regardless of the CPU family. In practice, there might be more compile time 
decisions in later code that weren't exposed due to the unusual way we used 
the code. (Everything up to activating CAR is known to work, everything after 
real_main is fair game)
Yet, the patch should solve one of the harder issues as after this, coreboot 
is in C and in CAR mode, so there's plenty of space to keep a CPUID value 

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