[coreboot] Geode LX GPL VSA source and binary

Steve Spano steve at fl-eng.com
Wed Feb 11 14:54:44 CET 2009


We can setup an FTP site specific for the Geode LX VSA if that helps

Steve Spano, President
Finger Lakes Engineering

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Ühel kenal päeval, N, 2009-01-22 kell 10:55, kirjutas Marc Jones:
> This is a tarball and binary of working AMD LX GPL VSA code with the 
> addition on a fix to the flash header for a NAND MMIO BAR (thanks 
> Mart).
> Their are two reasons that I am sending this to the list.
> 1. The git repository on laptop.org was not current and luckily some 
> folks at AMD hooked me up with the good source again. With the 
> problems at OLPC I am not sure what will happen with laptop.org. Maybe 
> it is time to find a new home for the code.
> 2. The binaries were posted on the AMD embedded Linux support page and 
> I don't think that AMD is that interested in maintaining VSA and the 
> binaries any longer. We could probably get them to post this one but 
> that seems like more work than it is worth. So, we need another place 
> to put the binary. Once we have a location, buildrom needs to be 
> updated to get it from the new location.

I hope we can find a suitable way forward for this now, especially just
having a public place anyone can download the binary from without digging
through mailing list attachments. Source being available somewhere more
conventional than the attachment would be good too :) Just re-raising the

Mart Raudsepp

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