[coreboot] coreboot on s4882?

David Melik dchmelik at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 08:31:40 CET 2009

> > I tried minicom on ttyS0 and lp0 (then with options I thought would
> output more somewhere.)  It should be lp0, but maybe with a symlink to
> it--so far there was no output.
>  It's important to get it working.  It would be a good idea to hook a
> different computer up until you figure out how to get output from a serial
> console.  Once you have that working it will be much easier to debug.
> Now I only have 1 other GNU/Linux system besides the s4882, and I do not
see why just trying a different one will help.  Most info (I read tens of
documents) about /dev/lp0 and minicom say lp0 is right and minicom works
automatically (if you remove the modem init. strings.)  If that is not so
because there is something undocumented I must figure out, perhaps I will
re-flash my old BIOS: too much of GNU/Linux that I try to use is
undocumented, and my s4882's 19.2 Gflops could still be helping BOINC or
something rather than going to waste.

I had meant to send this following earlier reply to the list.

 >>> [...] if you grep the source for post_code you'll find some.
>That string is there for some boards except s4882.  I looked in src: boot,
console, arch/i386 and could not figure anything out.

> >It's important that the size is exact.  Flash is sized in megabits, so
> >4 Mbits = 512KB.  This probably isn't the problem, I just wanted to
> >make sure.

>I mounted my usb disc: my coreboot.rom is exactly 512Kb.  I looked up
'prepend:' a page on coreboot.org says one can prepend >VGA ROM that is
either onboard or in a card.  The 64-bit Linux Coreboot instructions and the
compiling pages do not say that, so I >assume compiling or grub2 are
sufficient (unless you had implied I must prepend VGA BIOS....)


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