[coreboot] [PATCH] cs5536/nand: Allow setting of NAND timing values in the dts.

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 17:36:08 CET 2009

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 1:36 AM, Mart Raudsepp
<mart.raudsepp at artecdesign.ee> wrote:

> Or it would be the #define given by dtc and we can just #ifdef at the
> top of nand.c or similar files if they warrant a separate file, and
> unconditionally have it in Makefile without any mess.

I really dislike #ifdef'ing code, again because it confuses the hell
out of tools like kscope, ctags, doxygen and friends. As much as
possible we should make coreboot friendly to those sorts of tools. I
found the bug in flashrom in a few seconds with kscope; kscope has
already saved me tons of time walking code in v3 (as in, e.g., Myles
improved device code).

Linux solved this problem years ago and we have too. Use the Makefile.
That's what it's there for.

> I'm getting a feeling the dts wasn't intended to do a whole lot it has
> the power to do, maybe I should re-read Newboot.

it's out of date now. It needs a thorough going-over and fixup.

>> > For the sake of argument, lets say every kilobyte matters as I might want
>> > to also fit in a LAB in a 1MB limit.
>> >We could be talking about a whole lot
>> > more complex code that is unconditionally compiled in unless doing ugly C
>> > file listing in mainboard dir Makefiles than we are dealing with in this
>> > instance.
>> yep. Once again, the v2 config system comes out looking pretty good on
>> this score.
> So could dtc imho.

I agree. I think you and I like dts over all, as do others. But the
standard dts from open boot is not quite enough to do what we want.

> That's all fair, just now we have no option to declare which level
> messages should be compiled in - it's always DEBUG_SPEW. With an option
> to give the maximum compiled in level, defaulting to SPEW, would be a
> win-win :)

You have to rewrite all the printk functions to be macros again. It's
a bit more work than changing one setting. But you're a vendor, and
you need this, so if you have a patch then we ought to take a look.
I'm sensitive to size issues.


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