[coreboot] coreboot on s4882?

David Melik dchmelik at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 03:42:27 CET 2009

Thanks again (Myles & everyone) for discussing coreboot for s4882 until I
could compile & install.  After doing so, my s4882 just has a blank screen
and continually does 2 alternating beeps (like a siren.)

I saw no POST codes on coreboot.org.  I saved coreboot.rom and now have a
Slackware pII system up (no coreboot) as well as a Windows 2.4GHz Athlon.
What next?

I only installed grub2 as payload; grub2 may not be the problem: IIRC, I
included chainloader in grub2.elf: my '/' has LILO.  Coreboot.org has
'official grub' (grub2) and 'grub2' pages, which say different things,
though they likely mean the same thing.

I neither want to re-flash old BIOS nor yet try coreboot on my alternate
Slackware system, though I plan to after any possible functional s4882

Coreboot compiles within about 1 min. on 8-core a880 w/8Gb and would be
relatively quick even on dual pIII.  I am unsure about pII (I skipped from
pI.)  Does DJGPP work well on XP, or are Cygwin or MinGW like it?  I have
never done GUI programming--incl. 'programming on an OS requiring GUI
(except in class)' and would rather not boot Windows until I learn to add it
to BOINC ( http://boinc.berkeley.edu ) on a LAN.

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