[coreboot] flashrom: Can't mmap memory

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Feb 6 00:01:57 CET 2009

Myles Watson wrote:
> When I boot using the factory BIOS on my s2895 flashrom works.  When I
> boot with Coreboot, I get the Error:
> Can't mmap memory using /dev/mem: Operation not permitted

Please try this with the latest revision, which will have a slightly
better error message.

> This sounds a little too familiar, but I can't find a thread where
> this isn't linked to a newer, more restrictive kernel.

I have seen this once before, in a system with a custom BIOS. I did
not invest the time needed to debug why the kernel does not permit
the mmap. printk needs to go into the kernel for that.


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