[coreboot] SB600 HDA can't find codec fix

Dan Lykowski engineerguy3737 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 4 04:57:46 CET 2009

Sorry for the delay.. Way too much to do and so little time..

Fixed the spotted issues and added 1ms delay to match the BKDG while waiting for BAR+0xe to set its bits.

Dan Lykowski

Signed-off-by: Dan Lykowski<lykowdk at gmail.com>

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Subject: RE: [coreboot] SB600 HDA can't find codec fix


I see. Pci_find_device is more reliable than dev_find_slot. However, we didn't use the former in our SB600 and RS690 code. There are many places to be modified if needed.

Best regards
Maggie li

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Hi Maggie,

while your point about pci_find_device is valid, I think that
dev_find_device is the function Dan should choose. It allows us to
address the PCI devices even if their bus locations are shifted which is
possible with some AMD chipsets and may also be true for boards with
multiple chipsets.
In general, we want to use functions which can deal with non-default bus

On 02.02.2009 02:48, Li, Maggie wrote:
> Dan,
> I read the RRG spec, just as you said, you should use 0xF in file sb600_hda.c to get the current audio codec, that is to say, 
> dword &= 0xF;
>     if (!dword)  
>         goto no_codec;
> pci_locate_device is really should be used in early setup. Device_t is the type of u32 at that time. After this stage, you should use dev_find_slot. In file sb600_sata.c, “/* sm_dev = pci_locate_device(PCI_ID(0x1002, 0x4385), 0) */ “ gives you misunderstanding about how to get the SMBus and it should be removed. You can submit a patch about sata and I will ack it. Thanks.

I'd prefer to use dev_find_device there as well.



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