[coreboot] making coreboot for Tyan s4882?

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 17:43:25 CET 2009

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> Myles Watson wrote:
> >
> > I've never actually built s4882, but it should have worked.  Can you
> build
> > Coreboot for any other boards?
> I have not tried, but I have no other computers I want to run
> continuously for main use in the next few months.

I just wanted to see if it was a s4882-specific problem.  It doesn't look
like it is, since I can build it here.
> >
> > you could try buildrom if you want a simple way of trying a different
> build.
> > svn co svn://svn.coreboot.org/buildrom/buildrom-devel
> > make menuconfig
> > make
> I did that, then did not see Opterons listed in it or on
> coreboot.org/buildrom/.


> > Configure it for platform tyan s2892 and payload grub2.

> > If that doesn't work, or if that works and you still can't build for the
> > s4882, we'll have to figure something else out
> I thought I read in the archives that someone patched coreboot for s4882
> when it was (nearly) new (2005) and said that it worked for it and many
> other boards.

It should still work.  Here's what I did.

cd coreboot/svn/targets
./buildtarget tyan/s4882/
make -C tyan/s4882/s4882/
  make[1]: *** No rule to make target
`../../../../payloads/tg3--filo_hda2_vga.zelf', needed by `payload'.  Stop.

// Same error you got.

gvim tyan/s4882/Config.lb
   change ../../../../payloads/tg3--filo_hda2_vga.zelf to ../grub2.elf

cp ../../../../deploy/grub2-payload.elf tyan/s4882/s4882/grub2.elf
make -C tyan/s4882/s4882/

ERROR: payload (206476) + coreboot (131072) - Size is 124556 bytes larger
than ROM size (212992).
make[1]: *** [coreboot.rom] Error 1

// Different error, but important.
/* It's configured to have two images in the ROM and there isn't enough
space for two copies of grub2+coreboot.  If fallback is really important to
you, you can start using compression, but lets get something working for you
first. */

gvim tyan/s4882/Config.lb

gvim tyan/s4882/Config.lb

-------------SNIP ----------------
# Sample config file for 
# the Tyan s4882
# This will make a target directory of ./s4882

target s4882
mainboard tyan/s4882

romimage "fallback" 
	option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE=0x20000
	option XIP_ROM_SIZE=0x20000
	option COREBOOT_EXTRA_VERSION="$(shell cat ../../VERSION)_Fallback"
	payload ../grub2.elf

buildrom ./coreboot.rom ROM_SIZE "fallback"

-------------SNIP ----------------

make -C tyan/s4882/s4882/

That should work.  Let me know.  Exact error messages and what you type will
help us help you.


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