[coreboot] generic cpu detection proposal

Holger Hesselbarth popkonserve at gmx.de
Mon Feb 2 18:36:29 CET 2009

> Ok. Maybe you can send a patch to add those MSRs to msrtool Holger?
> Have a look at http://stuge.se/mt.cs5536_pic_divil3.patch for one way
> to note references in the source files.

Hi Peter,
no problem, i'll set up a file for the P6 cores as soon as possible. i saw your 
presentation at the 25C3 so i knew that there's something like a register 
dumping tool. is there a svn repository to get the tool and creating patches 

at the moment i can not test if any of my code is really working. i'm in vienna 
right now and i have to stay a month or two. i had to leave all my linux 
machines in germany and i don't want to install too much non-work related stuff 
on my employer's laptop. all i can check is if the code compiles to objects 
(e.g. is free of syntax errors). but still i won't stop suppling code and hoping 
that Uwe (or someone else!) will compile and test some it before i can :)

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