[coreboot] CoreBoot and Payloads

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Feb 2 17:42:29 CET 2009

Piotr Brostovski wrote:
> file gpxe.lkrn
> gpxe.lkrn: Linux/i386 Kernel, Setup Version 0x207, zImage

zImage is not supported by mkelfImage AFAIK.

> then the kernel:
> file vmlinuz
> vmlinuz: Linux/i386 Kernel, Setup Version 0x203, bzImage

Is this really bzImage? Please use either vmlinux (in kernel root dir)
or bzImage (in arch/i386/boot/) from the kernel build with mkelfImage.

> mkelfImage -t bzImage-i386 --append="root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/srv/ceptix.auslieferung
> vga=785 initrd=initrd.splash ide=nodma splash=silent" --initrd=initrd.splash
> --kernel=vmlinuz --output=vmlinuz2.4.28.elf

Although 2.4 should work it might be nice to build a recent 2.6
kernel, which has been used with mkelfImage recently, just to check
that mkelfImage actually works.

> sadly my kernel for testing is too big to fit in the eeprom
> (512K - coreboot), but i test it if i can make him small enough.

One other option is to find a larger flash chip. Which chip is your
board using now?


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