[coreboot] making coreboot for Tyan s4882?

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 17:06:38 CET 2009

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> I recompiled a kernel that enables flashrom (normal kernels do, which is
> I guess why no one told me after I was asked about mine,) but I have had
> further problems.
> I compiled grub2 for coreboot, and it says zelf payloads did not exist
> (I have read many posts on gmane that said that such zelf files
> specified in the make process are not even in the source: I saw none
> there.)  Then I replaced those with "payload
> /root/coreboot-v2-3923/coreboot.elf" in
> /root/coreboot-v2-3923/targets/tyan/s4882/Config.lb.  Then at
> "/root/coreboot-v2-3923/targets/tyan/s4882/s4882#" make said:
> "cp: missing destination file operand after `payload'."
> I changed it to "payload ../../../coreboot.elf" in Config.lb (and copied
> that '.elf' to that path,) and it said:

Can you try copying your payload (grub2) to targets/tyan/s4882/grub2.elf and
using "payload ../grub2.elf" in your Config.lb?


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