[coreboot] CoreBoot and Payloads

Piotr Brostovski p.brostovski at levigo.de
Mon Feb 2 16:12:44 CET 2009


i have a strange problem with executing payloads under coreboot.

What *do* work:

- CoreBoot-V2 from SVN repository + Tint Payload
- CoreBoot-V2 from SVN repository + EtherBoot 5.2.6 or 5.4.4 Payload
- CoreBoot-V2 from SVN repository + coreinfo Payload

I can even use the coreinfo.elf or tint.elf as bootfile with "normal" clients which only
have a gPXE rom.

But i can't use a linux kernel as a NBI or ELF image with etherboot 5.2.6 or 5.4.4.

I used the tools mknbi and wraplinux for making an NBI or elf image from the kernel.
I also tried to make an NBI image from a working gPXE.lkrn image.

I make everything exactly as described here:
especially -> wraplinux -N gpxe.lkrn > gpxe.nbi

Neither a kernel NBI image or a gpxe NBI image do work.
The gpxe.lkrn works perfectly from grub or PXE Bootmenu.

As current gpxe version doesn't compile as a compatible payload for coreboot i have to use
etherboot 5.4.4 which can only load NBI or ELF images.

So i wanted to use the etherboot payload in coreboot as a chainloader for a gpxe elf/nbi
But, it doesn't work.

The gpxe.nbi image doesn't work as a coreboot payload, neither as a loadable image for a
normal client with a gpxe rom loader, like tint.elf or coreinfo.elf do.

Coreboot and gPXE loads the NBI file, printing "... ok, rhine disable" - and hang - no
further output on screen or serial console.

The Hardware is a bcom-winnet-p680. (Via C7 CPU and Chipset + Via VT6102 [Rhine-II] 1106:3065

Do anyone have an idea why this doesn't work?


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