[coreboot] generic cpu detection proposal

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sun Feb 1 18:03:13 CET 2009

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> Inteltool can dump the msrs but it will not parse the bit values
> the fine way msrtool does.

Ok. Maybe you can send a patch to add those MSRs to msrtool Holger?

Have a look at http://stuge.se/mt.cs5536_pic_divil3.patch for one way
to note references in the source files.

> Maybe we should remove the intel focus from inteltool and merge the
> two utilities, call it systemtool or chipsettool instead? Stuff
> like dumping pmbase might be interesting for non-intel systems too,
> while intel systems could gain from a more detailed msr dumper...
> Thoughts?

I've had thoughts in that direction too. TODO mentions handling PCI
and port IO registers as well, ie. turn the tool into a more generic
register decoder. I kind of like that idea. On the other hand then it
will very clearly start competing with prettyprint[1] that the Google
guys showed us. It looks like a somewhat fat implementation though,
which I'm not thrilled about. But they have a nifty user interface,
FUSE is a fun twist. I don't know.

We were discussing GeodeLink routing on IRC the other day, and how
it would be nice to e.g. create a bus graph by piecing together
values from various registers, but I'm not sure that kind of
complexity should go into msrtool. Or maybe it should? But a generic
user interface will be a bit tricky.. msrtool is already option


[1] http://code.google.com/p/prettyprint/

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