[coreboot] M2v-mx_se asus : s3 sleeping broken since rev4625 ruik

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Tue Dec 29 00:33:56 CET 2009

 >I really appreciate your help and you (and coreboot team) are a god for me at 
 >this time because I come from high level language ie csharp and it's difficult 
 >to switch to low level language,asm or linux but I try.

Btw you can boot Windows with Coreboot/SeaBIOS too ;) I think you would need to 
run the orig VGA BIOS ROM for this. But anyway you are asking good questions and 
  generally doing very well. Maybe you can help us to extend the user 
documentation to get things running -> because I think it is not so easy for 
newcomers. This needs to be fixed/improved.

Back to your problem:

I think the error message is because our memory hole is at 32MB. Maybe shifting 
this to 64MB would solve the problem.

So lets move the ramtop to 64MB and base to 63MB. I think what needs to be done 
is to replace 0x1F00000 with 0x3F00000
and 0x2000000 with 0x4000000

I think we can go to 128MB so you would need to supply the 127MB as base and 
128MB RAMTOPs (address is in hex and in bytes, just use some calc to 
128*1024*1024 and 127*1024*1024 and get result in hex).

This change is needed  either in KConfig or in the *lb files.


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