[coreboot] M2v-mx_se asus : s3 sleeping broken since rev4625 ruik

congedete at voila.fr congedete at voila.fr
Sun Dec 27 21:44:55 CET 2009


I did some testing on my Asus M2v-mx_se and I discover that s3 sleeping state in broken since revision 4625 from Rudolf Marek for the motherboard.
It enters in s3 sleeping state, the LED is blinking, but during the wakeup it simply reboots instead of jumping to the boot segment.

Does anyone encounter the same problem ?
I don't know if it's an ACPI problem or the coreboot v3 features added that causes the trouble.

Hope someone could help or upgrade coreboot for M2v-mx_se.

Thanks in advance.


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