[coreboot] Problems porting H8dmr_fam10 to H8qme-2+

Knut Kujat knuku at gap.upv.es
Tue Dec 22 17:22:57 CET 2009


as Myles suggested to disable siblings to see if I can pass through this
weird exception and the impossibility  to do so because of the compile
error I changed the physical cpu option to 1 and it worked! But
increasing it back to 2 or 4 made the exception come back again.
I told you, Myles, I increased stack size to 4000 that was a filthy lie
because I thought I'm increasing it to 4000 what I didn't see was that
the same option was repeated at the end of the Options.lb file with
STACK_SIZE=8000 (So I don't know  why the printks started working). Now
fooling around with stack size and setting it up to 10000 all 4 cpus
started working and I got a grub menu :) in text mode :( so I have a
graphics Initializing faild and Linux doesn't boot up completly.

I attached a complete log file, it is not so complete because the first
lines of linux boot up are missing because I had to change serial speed
on minicom. Thats because I'm having trouble of setting a speed and
getting a total different one.

Now I thing that my device tree is not completely working and thats why
linux got some collusion at the beginning ?? And I have no idea why
graphic mode doesn't work since it looks like it finds vga without any

Bye and thanks,
Knut Kujat.

Ward Vandewege escribió:
> Hi Knut,
> On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 10:25:06AM +0100, Knut Kujat wrote:
>> stack_size = 0x4000 and seems to work fine.
>> Sorry, I didn't explain myself, changing CONFIG_LOGICAL_CPUS to 0 made
>> the compile process fail in northbridge.c so I had to change it back.
> Yeah, that's because of this in northbridge.c:
> #include <cpu/amd/quadcore.h>
> #include <pc80/mc146818rtc.h>
> #endif
> The read_nb_cfg_54() function is defined in quadcore.h, so if you set
> CONFIG_LOGICAL_CPUS to zero compilation fails with an implicit definition
> error for read_nb_cfg_54.
> The tree compiles for me if I comment out that if/endif lines and have
> CONFIG_LOGICAL_CPUS set to zero.
> Thanks,
> Ward.

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