[coreboot] Problems compiling H8DMR_FAM10 because of section overlaps.

Knut Kujat knuku at gap.upv.es
Wed Dec 16 17:24:59 CET 2009

Patrick Georgi escribió:
> Am 16.12.2009 15:30, schrieb Knut Kujat:
>> Hello,
>> I'm now trying to get coreboot working on a Supermicro H8QME-2+
>> board. This board is really similar to the H8DMR/H8DMR_FAM10 boards
>> already supported by coreboot. Since my board is populated with 4
>> Opteron family 10 processors I thought of trying to compile  the
>> H8DMR_FAM10 to get a rom and flash it to board to see what happens.
>> But compiling I got the section overlaps error since its recommended
>> to increase the ROM_IMAGE_SIZE I added the following lines to Kconfig:
> Fam10 is not supported with kconfig yet.
> Regards,
> Patrick Georgi
Aham, thx for the hint. Now it worked building it with ./builtarget but
I'm only getting rubbish from the serial using standard settings 115200
8n1. Some suggestions?

Knut Kujat.
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