[coreboot] #152: v3 Geode cs5536 UART2 wrongly configured

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Fri Dec 11 15:44:09 CET 2009

#152: v3 Geode cs5536 UART2 wrongly configured
   Reporter:  edwin_beasant@…              |          Owner:  somebody        
       Type:  defect                       |         Status:  new             
   Priority:  major                        |      Milestone:  Going mainstream
  Component:  coreboot                     |        Version:  v3              
   Keywords:  serial com2 geode cs5536     |   Dependencies:                  
Patchstatus:  patch needs review           |  
 The UART2 on the AMD cs5536 is incorrectly configured in two places in v3
 code and also in v2.
 GPIO lines 4 and 3 are swapped and also incorrectly put in IR mode receive
 (compound fault).
 This patch corrects the v3 late configuration and the v3 and v2 early
 (stage1/cache as ram) mis-configuration of UART2 to addres 0x3f8 not the
 standard 0x2f8 for COM2.

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