[coreboot] [RFC] CMOS options

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Dec 9 12:00:49 CET 2009

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> >> Many boards have options that make no sense because people love
> >> copy and paste for that stuff.
> >
> > No, but because people do not understand how it works and what is
> > required to get a board running.
> What makes you think so?

It's how I see the options. :) If I would be making a new port now I
would not immediately care about the options, and possibly would
never get around to it.

But if I start working with an existing board then the options will
be there, and I would have to actually learn how to get rid of them.
I would have other things to do.

> Where do you see the parts that are hard to understand?

The old build system in general is really difficult to penetrate.
I'm very glad that we're getting Kconfig going! It's just not worth
the effort to learn how to clean out surplus options from a new
board, Kconfig reduces the effort a bit, and I think it helps even
more to make the options space becomes a little more structured than
just all or nothing.


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