[coreboot] Serial Debugging.

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sun Dec 6 00:42:42 CET 2009

David Houston wrote:
> > Which board are you working with?
> Sun Workstation 20 Ultra M2, Board has a header (9 pin) which I
> have attached my IDC serial header to.

Ok. That is an onboard serial port. By port I don't mean DB9
connector, but rather _any connector_. So you are good, if this is
your target board. If this is your workstation board then the USB
cable is of no use.

> My development board EVGA nforce 6 based board with no onboard
> serial.

Then you lose. The target board must have a real serial port onboard.

You can also check if the chipset implements the EHCI Debug Port, in
which case you could use a USB Debug Class Device to communicate with
coreboot. This is a particular USB device, and it must be that one.
A generic USB-serial converter does not work.


> A cross-over serial cable, is that the same of different to a null
> modem cable.



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