[coreboot] Biostar M6TLD

Maciej Pijanka maciej.pijanka at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 09:26:17 CET 2009

On Thu, 03 Dec 2009, Peter Stuge wrote:

> Maciej Pijanka wrote:
> > I have biostar M6TLD, it survives already raminit, patch is in
> > attachment, also log from boot and config.
> Nice work so far!
> > Payload is uncompressed since i had problems with error in
> > decompression from lzma,
> What errors did you get?
just decompression error and then hang or reboot, it was some days ago, i can
recheck in next hours i think
> > Machine reboots at point indicated in log but only difference
> > between next loops is like that one below, diff between two
> > restarts from same log.
> > 
> >  Jumping to image.
> >  coreboot-2.3 Thu Dec  3 00:30:36 CET 2009 booting...
> >  Calibrating delay loop...
> > -end 1ee10434f, start 1c570413d
> > +end 2c5cfc8a0, start 29d2fc6b1
> >  32-bit delta 650
> >  calibrate_tsc 32-bit result is 650
> >  clocks_per_usec: 650
> This difference makes sense if it is using something like RDTSC to
> calibrate. It runs from power on, so will be higher after a reset.

I am aware that this change is harmless, but its only change diff found.
> > Anyone has idea how to debug why it restarts?
> I think the problem may be that RAM is not completely functional.
> Decompression needs RAM, and the payload also needs RAM.
> Did you try calling the very simple ram_check() function to test your
> RAM configuration? And how does the RAM configuration done by
> coreboot compare with that done by the factory BIOS?
yep, both low 1M, and 1M->memsize, even few times in rows (few times added in C code)

Mostly configuration (register contents) is similar or very, only thing i can't change
is APBASE register thus i disabled AGP interface.

best regards

Maciej Pijanka
reg. Linux user #133161

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