[coreboot] GeodeLX RAM initialisation issue

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Dec 2 14:59:01 CET 2009

Daniel Mack wrote:
> the effect is harder to trigger when booting from an external LPC
> flash emulator (in contrast to coreboot flashed to the internal
> LPC).

Then you could experiment with a few different flash chips.

PC Engines makes a nice and neat Flash recovery board, which plugs
onto the LPC header, and comes with a PLCC chip in a socket.


Order one or two of these, and order a few different flash chips
which are compatible with the board, and start collecting data

Each LPC.1A comes with SST49LF040B. On the ALIX.2 and .3 there is an
AMIC flash chip. (Different from ALIX.1 which also has SST.)

You can also use Winbond W39V040APZ/080APZ. Note [0-9]A, it must not
be e.g. W39V040FAPZ (note [0-9]FA) which is a FWH chip.

Another compatible chip is PMC Pm49FL004T.


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