[coreboot] #149: AMD DB800 Hangs at "Decompressing Coreboot to Ram"

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Wed Dec 2 09:48:50 CET 2009

#149: AMD DB800 Hangs at "Decompressing Coreboot to Ram"
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  Component:  coreboot                     |        Version:  v2      
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Comment(by edwin_beasant@…):

 Hi there:

 I've run both a ram test and also checked using push/pop - at least for
 basic operations, the stack seems to function fine at the new
 location.(including adding debug that writes raw to the serial port to
 effectively single step trace the problem).

 After the stack move to 0x400000, then all the previously functioning
 printk_* functions fail (as does the entire boot process, printk just is
 the first thing that occurs after the stack move).

 A similar failure also occurs if the stack is not moved, and the cache is
 invalided and written back (wbinvd at done_cache_as_ram_main:).
 (might be a candidate for trying mb instead).

 Hope this provides some more info.

 pre-stack move, printk and other functions are fine, post stack move use
 causes "hang".

 I've also been cautious of the CONSOLE_DEBUG_TX_STRING(), need to run some
 more tests to possibly bisect a little more.

 This code was pulled in as a lump with the CBFS transition, along with the
 interesting caveat that warned that this place was a good place to start!
 (trac search for geode and cbfs will show it)

 Any help appreciated: this patch is what works for me, consistently and

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