[coreboot] Compaq Ipaq Intel 810E Vendor ID missmatch

Christian Sühs christian.suehs at online.de
Sun Aug 30 17:53:53 CEST 2009


I try to get run coreboot on a Compaq Ipaq PIII Pro Board.
The board comes with a 810E Intel Chipset, SMC SuperIO, NIC and AUDIO
onBoard. Also VGA is integrated to the chipset and provides 4MB graphics
memory, which is soldered (not shared with system memory) near the 810E.

Currently there are two problems for me.

First, without set CONFIG_VIDEO_MB > 0 the Device is not detected (or
disabled?) by coreboot.
Means, there is now PCI_ROM_RUN for the onboard VGA.
lspci don't list the device later.


Finding PCI configuration type.                       
PCI: Using configuration type 1                          
PCI_DOMAIN: 0000 enabled                                   
PCI_DOMAIN: 0000 scanning...                                   
PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 00                          
PCI: 00:00.0 [8086/7124] ops                       
PCI: 00:00.0 [8086/7124] enabled                       
PCI: 00:01.0 [8086/7125] enabled <--- (normally disabled as static PCI
device, if Config_VIDEO_MB is 0


Second, if CONFIG_VIDEO_MB is set to 1, the device inits, but later i
get a vendor missmatch for vga.rom. Furthermore, the system needs about
50 seconds to boot linux.
No VGA, but the Kernel FB810 Module detects the device.


Northbridge init                                                   
PCI: 00:01.0 init                                      
Check CBFS header at fffdffd0                                          
magic is 4f524243                                          
Found CBFS header at fffdffd0                                     
Check pci8086,7125.rom                          
In cbfs, rom address for PCI: 00:01.0 = fff80038
On mainboard, rom address for PCI: 00:01.0 = fff80038
PCI Expansion ROM, signature 0xaa55, INIT size 0x8000, data ptr 0x010c
PCI ROM Image, Vendor 8086, Device 7123,
Device or Vendor ID mismatch Vendor 8086, Device 7123
PCI: 00:1e.0 init


lspci shows the device as 8086:7125 on both coreboot and factory bios.
If I change the vendor ID, like MS 6178 to 7123 or 7121, coreboot fails
by an incorecct PCI Expansion signature which is pointed to 0x0000 (the
first cbfs bytes and not the vga.bios)

To start, i have taken the Mitac files. This Board seems very closer to
the Ipaq. FWH is a Intel 82802AB. It can be programed by flashrom and is
normaly soldered.

Happy about any help

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