[coreboot] [COREBOOT] : Can I hope to have Coreboot on a mininote 2133 ?

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sat Aug 29 14:20:25 CEST 2009

Cirdec AREVIR wrote:
> I get a HP Mininote with VIA C7 processor to try to free the bios
> with Coreboot. So I need some help to understand if it could be
> possible :

Yes, it could. At the very least you will need the chipset
documentation however.

> From this pictures frolm a 2133 dissection, where is the bios chip ?


The flash chip is U515 (written upside down on the PCB) - the 8-pin
chip with a red ink dot on the corner. It's a little to the left of
the ITE IT8512.

I can't read the model from the photo, but my guess is that it's an

Your version of flashrom is very old, get the latest and I think it
will work on the system.

> Is it easy to put a socket to easily change it ?

This chip package is called SO-8 or SOIC-8. The distance between the
two rows of pins is 200 mil. I haven't seen any sockets that would be
suitable for replacing a SO-8 and still have socket+chip be small
enough to not be a problem with regard to the computer's case.

For development it would be best to have an emulator instead,
coresystems are using the Dediprog SF-100 successfully, but it costs
further money. Another option is to work on the Artec dongle VHDL
code to also implement an SPI chip-compatible state machine, and
logic to fetch and prefetch data from the dongle flash chip at just
the right SPI clock cycles in order to meet the SPI bus timing


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