[coreboot] [PATCH] Change some more image names to "fallback" (not "image").

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Thu Aug 27 15:41:08 CEST 2009

On 27.08.2009 15:36, Uwe Hermann wrote:
> Here's a bunch of additional fixes for manually builds.
> Change some more image names to "fallback" (not "image").
> Also, if there's only one image, it should be named "fallback", not "normal".
> Signed-off-by: Uwe Hermann <uwe at hermann-uwe.de>

Good find!
Acked-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net>



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