[coreboot] Kconfig suggestion

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Thu Aug 27 10:51:09 CEST 2009

Am Mittwoch, den 26.08.2009, 20:57 -0700 schrieb ron minnich:
> Would be interesting, for working targets, to create a defconfig in
> the mainboard directory for that target. Then, as each mainboard is
> tested and known-good in Kconfig, people (and an automated tool) could
> easily see that we had a Kconfig-supported mainboard.
A defconfig per board when we already set defaults in the Kconfig files?
That's redundant, isn't it?

Given that we want to impose a structure on the Kconfig files, we could
probably automate creation of "default configs". Try this prototype:
# $1: mainboarddir
gmake distclean || make distclean
grep "depends[\t ]on[\t ]*VENDOR" src/mainboard/$1/../Kconfig | sed \
  "s,^.*\(VENDOR_.*\)[^A-Z0-9_]*,CONFIG_\1=y," > .config
grep "config[\t ]*BOARD" src/mainboard/$1/Kconfig | \ 
  sed "s,^.*\(BOARD_.*\)[^A-Z0-9_]*,CONFIG_\1=y," >> .config
grep "select[\t ]*ARCH" src/mainboard/$1/Kconfig | \
  sed "s,^.*\(ARCH_.*\)[^A-Z0-9_]*,CONFIG_\1=y," >> .config
echo "CONFIG_MAINBOARD_DIR=$1" >> .config
yes "" | (make oldconfig || gmake oldconfig)

put that in the top level of coreboot-v2 (say as createconfig.sh) and
./createconfig.sh via/vt8454c

This cleans out the current config, creates the smallest necessary set
of definitions, and runs oldconfig over it, choosing the default options
for every question asked. (allyesconfig misbehaves in that it changes
the board selection, and defconfig merely copies a pre-existing file)

So far, it only works for the via boards, as the others aren't
normalized yet.


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